A new trend in health issues is coming your way through a digital platform, Gamassy Kashmir, CEO of 7 Vibes Indonesia is finally tying the collaboration knots with ZIN™ Indah ‘Iin Malik’ Suhartia for the development of new health issues digital platform in Indonesia.

The digital platform will be launched in mid of June 2019, which includes the development of the special event, the marketplace, communities, and relevant issues related to health. Iin Malik, a national aerobic athlete (national champion), senior professional dancer, fitness and certified Zumba instructor sees an opportunity to bring health into another level. She is also the founder of BithaBéné, a production and event promoter company under her management to deliver the project into reality.

7 Vibes Indonesia is being trusted to deliver creative content, 360 degrees marketing (digital, event and media solutions), and digital platform management for the above project. It’s a pleasure to work with such talented individual like Iin Malik, we are looking forward to delivering the trust and new challenges as visioned by her. Cheers!

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