We have started the impossible since the day digital magazine storms hit Indonesia in early of 2016, WideUP! was the first digital portal in Indonesia which told the stories of passionate individuals in carrying out their day to day lives. A start-up (on-line) business model as well as community development (off-line) with its unique mission and vision.

Unfortunately, the business has to end due to financial problems. Failure and mistakes were our best teacher, considering it was the best decision made. For some reason, the digital magazine survived it’s eight editions and continuously spread a positive vibe which then turns the misfortune into other opportunities.

Somehow, WideUP! was a perfectly good sample of how we managed to survived rough times and uncertain future. We are still carrying out the 5 pillars of WideUp!; passionate, smart, independent, righteous and beneficial as our business characteristic until today. Every failure is a blessing in disguised, learn your lesson well and strives for a better future.

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