Our friends at Acer Indonesia introduced its latest product innovation to support industry 4.0 in Indonesia: Acer Smart Water, Smart Power, Smart Agriculture, and Lighting Solutions provides Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to help companies and business entrepreneurs increasing their productivity and cost efficiency through connectivity between devices.

The products connect several devices in network integrity to provide real-time information and decisions in accordance with the needs of organizations in the country. Acer’s main objective is to help companies even government bodies achieving Smart City program by the year 2020 through a digital transformation and at the same time making them ready for industry 4.0 in the near future. Giving them a sense of security and comfort for its citizen and obviously making the city more effective, efficient and increase competitiveness.

Riko Gunawan, Head of Commercial Products & Solutions of Acer Indonesia mentioned:

“We are proud that Acer’s currently becomes a technology company in providing end-to-end hardware and solutions which also play an active role in welcoming the industry 4.0 era and helped the government and business entrepreneurs in realizing the smart city of 2020. This is certainly in line with the government mission to build Indonesia as a digital economic power in Asia. Collaboration between the private sector, government, and solution providers are three important things in the components of a smart city, and we at Acer has already prepared all of these devices to help companies and government in carrying out a digital transformation towards smart cities.”

Find out more information about Acer’s commercial products and solutions technology for companies and government at:


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